My 3 favorite activities ... shopping, being in a relationship, making money online...

About Shopping,

I Have to admit it. I am having fun when I go Shopping...

I am an addict, maybe, I guess. But honestly, who isn't? I shop for me, my boyfriend, my sister, my mom... It is so easy online now. I shop everywhere. But I come back often to Amazon because the selection is growing all the time, it's so convenient. And the prices! How do they do it? Have you been there lately?

Here's my best link to shop on Amazon, that is where I start all the time: here.

Man, are you shopping for a first jewelry for your girlfriend?
You are thinking about a diamond, right? But maybe you are scared to go too fast or you don't want to send the wrong message too early. But you want it to be meaningful, right?

Here is a great story how to do it.
  • ¨ At one point in my relationship, I knew what I wanted. I decided to do it in such a way that it would be unforgettable.
  • So I went to buy a bracelet. Not an anklet, it would not have underline that this was important. I wanted to send a message. So I bought a very beautiful bracelet with diamonds. A little more expensive than what she would have expected from me. Women instinctively know the value of jewelry, trust me ... A high quality bracelet carries a message, but not as much as a diamond ring. 
  • I knew she would show it. It's quite easy when worn on the wrist or forearm. I bought a beautiful bracelet. She wore it all the time. Which means she probably thought of me a lot. Not to mention that its “price” kept stingy predators away.
  • Then a few months later I added a diamond pendant. To go with the bracelet. This second step did not really carry a message. I just wanted to say that I love her and that I think she is very beautiful and I couldn't help but buy it for her. The pendant was not tied to any special occasion: it is important. It says - because you are you. That's all.
  • Then on her birthday I gave her diamond earrings. Very beautiful earrings, refined and expensive !!! It was a strong statement. I was only one step away from a diamond ring. She knew it. I offered her something to give her an emotion. She certainly felt that I was deeply in love with her. I know that having given her a bracelet and a pendant first, it was even more important than going straight to the earrings. I took her on an imaginary journey.
  • Now! I was ready for the big step!
  • The path that led me there was meaningful, for both. Now was the time to buy that diamond ring. When I came up to her with my engagement ring, I didn't have to say much. All the previous steps had shown her how serious and important this was to me. It was very obvious that it was very serious, the ultimate commitment and forever ... ¨

I am sharing this with you because I think you might consider doing the same. If you are deeply in love, this will be one of the most important sequence of events in your life ...
@ for selection, price and convenience.

About being in a relationship,

Ok. This is not going as you wish!

Maybe ...

  • You don't know how to find that special someone and avoid the common dating pitfalls. 
  • You are not sure what to look for within the first few minutes or
    if you are wasting your time.
  • ​You know it isn't easy and you choose sometimes to do nothing about it.
Uncover our top 10 dating tips for maximizing your time and energy so that you're focused on increasing your chances at finding your soul mate and live happily ever after!
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About making money online,

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